The OACC Board has devised this set of guidelines regarding Chorale singer responsibility for attendance.  The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all singers are adequately prepared to perform in concert, but still allow for some flexibility in the event of extenuating circumstances.


1.  Singers are asked to miss no more than 3 rehearsals per concert session.  Please keep in mind that rehearsals are 2 hours in length...missing large sections of rehearsal time (coming late, leaving early) can add up to an entire rehearsal missed.


2. If a singer misses 3 rehearsals, he/she will be contacted by the Section Leader and    asked his/her intentions regarding the remainder of the session and the concert.


3.  Due to situations related to travel, job conflicts, illness and family crisis, a singer may find it necessary to miss more than 3 rehearsals.  In this case the singer needs to discuss the situation with the Director.  A decision will be made by the Director as to the singerŐs status related to adequate preparation for the concert. 


4. If a singer misses more than HALF of the rehearsals for any one session, he/she will not be permitted to sing in that concert.


5.  Singers need to realize the crucial need to be present for any rehearsals held the week of a concert.  Singers who will not be available at these times should discuss    

     this with the Director.


6. If a registered singer misses two concerts due to attendance issues, that singer may not be permitted to participate in the next concert session and/or the next Chorale season.  If the singer is not permitted to participate in the next session, he/she will be placed on the Waiting List for future sessions, if desired.


7.  Attendance concerns are best addressed OUTSIDE of the rehearsal room by

     emailing Director Kim Nethaway at

 or calling her at



8.  Pre-registered singers should study the rehearsal/performance schedule carefully at the beginning of each concert session.  If it is apparent that a singer cannot meet the above guidelines, that singer should withdraw from the concert session, making room for a person on the waiting list to participate.


It is the intention of the OACC Board that these guidelines clarify each singerŐs role in music preparation.  This plan is intended to provide fairness for all singers, and to help ensure the quality performances that have become a Chorale tradition.  Thank you for your cooperation.